The project “Virtual tour in Venetian Heraklion” is ready!
March 5, 2021
Virtual Experience in Heraklion!
April 21, 2021

ARPhymedes+ is on its way!

Our company is now partner to its second European program.
The Project ARphymedes Plus, an extension of the ongoing project ARphymedes, which focuses on developing an educational tool kit for physics, enhanced with augmented reality (AR), will focus on making available the full potential of the ARphymedes project intellectual results to the Special Educational Needs students at secondary school. The COVID-19 pandemic and its disproportionate impact on learners with disabilities raised the urgent need for adaption of individualized learning plans, methods, and tools and this new project is a direct answer to that.
Diadrasis through using augmented reality blends technology with the real world and creates an immersive and engaging eLearning experience in real time. Based on analysis of personalisation needs of SEN students we will adjust the developed exercises and models to meet the needs of the individual. Using real world exercises with simulated interactive objects the students will be able to interact, to complete tasks and experience success in solving otherwise difficult abstract physical problems. AR activities will give them the ability to manipulate three-dimensional visualizations so that they can view it from every angle. They can even interact with hot spots to learn more about the individual components.
Stay tuned with our website and social medias to learn more.