Eureka in AR!
April 21, 2021
Candia 1640 was awarded!
June 4, 2021

The project "Searching for Athens" is completed!

Our company with funding from the Ministry of Culture and Sports completed the development of an application for mobile devices which will be in the form of a game, in real time and place, in the monuments and history of Athens.

The navigation takes place in three-dimensional representations of Athens in different historical periods, classical, Roman and Ottoman. The user of the application has the ability to use the application either in real space and time, in an Augmented Reality environment, with his physical movement in the place of interest, or in a Virtual Reality environment when he/she is not in the area mapped by the application.

The application can work in areas of Athens with special archaeological and historical interest:
• Acropolis
• South Slope of the Acropolis (Dionysiou Areopagitou Street)
•Ancient market
• Roman Agora
• Ceramic
• Olympio

Get ready to try it soon!