Candia 1640 was awarded!
June 4, 2021
CYCOMED: learn about Ancient Cyprus
June 23, 2021

Discovering what visitors want!

Diadrasis in the framework of the project "InterArch" created an application to record the routes of visitors in archaeological sites. The way visitors travel to archeological sites determines what they will see, where they will focus their attention and, ultimately, what they will learn and experience.

The pilot test of the application will take place at the archaeological site of Ancient Messina. Utilizing the use of the location service, it urges the user to navigate the archeological site in order to record his/her route and the time they stand at points of interest. Through a questionnaire that the visitor will be asked to fill in at the end of the route we will be able to understand both why he/she spent a certain amount of time on some monuments and the average time that someone spends to tour.

This information after being analyzed will be particularly useful for optimizing the tours that will be created in the next phase of the program.

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