ARPhymedes+ is on its way!
March 12, 2021
Eureka in AR!
April 21, 2021

It is time to explore Candia! The Municipality of Heraklion in collaboration with our company completed the renewal of the application of the simulation of the Venetian city of Heraklion and a video was created to give you a first impression of the virtual experience of the renewed application that will be available soon.
Historic Candia was the capital of the Cretan kingdom. A center of trade and arts.

Soon you will have the opportunity to get into a time machine and through your mobile phone to be in front of imposing buildings of the time that still stand today in the capital of Crete. See figures of that time crossing the streets and listen to testimonies written about the glorious city of Candia.

The Municipality of Heraklion has submitted its nomination for the Tourism Awards 2021 by presenting the video of Candia’s Virtual Experience that you will see below! We are proud to be in collaboration with them for this new addition to the rich cultural map of the Municipality.