Virtual Reality (VR) exhibition in Lesvos
September 1, 2022
“Th-ink” – Graffiti as historical evidence and as deterioration of ancient monuments
October 10, 2022

VR- Elia: Adding new scenes


Creation of two new scenes

After the successful completion of the first two scenes of the app "VR-Elia", which concerns the virtual representation of the production of olive oil in the past, the team of Diadrasis is developing the content of the application by adding two new scenes. The new scenes relate to the oldest techniques of olive fruit processing and come to complement the narrative of the timeless techniques of olive oil production in Lesvos.

More specifically, one scene will simulate the manual crushing of the olive during the Archaic and Classical periods, while the second scene will be about the operation of the olive press during the Late Roman and Early Byzantine periods. As in the previous scenes of the olive mill and the olive press, Diadrasis aims to enhance the viewer's experience through Virtual Reality, Oculus technology and the use of controllers.

The applications are available in two languages, English and Greek. To enhance the user experience, original audiovisual tools were created by the Diadrasis team: three-dimensional (3D) models and sounds that intensify the whole viewer experience. The faithful rendering of the spaces and machines was based on extensive research conducted by the research team of the Laboratory of Image, Sound and Cultural Representation of the University of the Aegean.

The project was commissioned by the University of the Aegean.

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