3D modeling of the inhabitants of prehistoric Thera
October 16, 2021
Learn about Kinematics
April 30, 2022

New AR App at the Herakleidon Museum

Discover the new augmented reality app, MuseLearn AR, that we created for the Herakleidon Museum.

Embark on an immersive journey through time with our app and explore a prehistoric architectural marvel. Witness a vibrant model come to life before your eyes and uncover the captivating murals and interior decorations of the ancient buildings in the Akrotiri settlement of Santorini. Engage in a question game and uncover fascinating details about the structures, the area, and the lives of the people from that era.

Visit the museum and start searching! The app is available free of charge for Android and iOS.

The app was created in the framework of the project MuseLearn.

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