You can know walk around Venetian Heraklion
September 15, 2021
3D modeling of the inhabitants of prehistoric Thera
October 16, 2021

Xeste 3 – Building representation

Do you want to see what a house in the Ancient city of Akrotiri in Thera looked like? Now you can!.

Discover Xeste 3, an ancient house that was uncovered, almost untouched by time, covered entirely by volcanic ash, during the excavations that began in 1967 in Thera.

Experience a captivating journey back in time with the Muselearn project's impressive 3D modeling reconstruction. Step into a magnificent three-storey building adorned with stone floors and adorned with breathtaking murals depicting themes of nature and religion. Immerse yourself in the surroundings and be transported to an era thousands of years in the past.

This recreation was developed in the framework of the project Muselearn.

See in the photos details of the building and its rooms.

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