May 4, 2022
Looking for Athens
March 10, 2021

Memories on the Road

Implementation Period: May - September 2022
Assignment: Municipality of Byronas and Museum of History
Tools: Qr, App, Multimedia, Internet

Byronas, the first refugee urban settlement, celebrates a century of existence. . In collaboration with Time Heritage, we implemented an original digital application that aims to familiarize users with the history of the provinence of Byronas.

A route has been established in the Byronas neighborhoods, featuring 12 specific points of interest where signs are placed. By scanning the QR codes on these signs, individuals can access more information about each point as well as gain insights into the entire project.. Each point offers information through a variety of audiovisual means, such as textual and audio descriptions, references to sources, photographs and tributes.

We invite you to walk around Byronas and discover traces of the past!

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Smartphone Mock-up Isolated
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