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April 12, 2022
A virtual tour in Venetian Heraklion
January 27, 2021

Looking for Athens

A game of augmented reality in Athens for mobile devices.
Implementation period: 2020-2021
Funding: Ministry of Culture and Sports
Tools: Virtual & augmented reality, multimedia, web

Looking for Athens, what can you discover?

Our company with funding from the Ministry of Culture and Sports is developing an application for mobile devices which will have the form of a "lost treasure" game, in real time and places, in the monuments and history of Athens.

Utilizing augmented reality technology, the application will prompt the user to solve riddles by providing data, clues, and information in the form of texts, images, sounds and three-dimensional representations while navigating the city, without alienating him from his natural environment. The riddles will invite him to locate and visit places of interest, such as monuments and buildings of the city, in order to then reveal to him interesting facts and information about them and their relation to history.

By creating such routes that cover different historical periods, classical, Roman, Ottoman and newer, the application can be a pleasant alternative tourist guide in the form of a game, so that the visitor of Athens can get to know the invisible corners and stories of the city.

The proposed application aims to combine tourism and mobile technology to provide the visitor with a special experience that will combine entertainment and education (edutainment).

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