August 29, 2019
Digital Routes in History
August 29, 2019


Implementation period: July 2018 - January 2021
Contracting authority: «Research - Create - Innovate» of EYDE/ETAK
Τοοls:Virtual & augmented reality, multimedia, web

MuseLearn is a guided tour system created as part of the State Aid Action «Research - Create - Innovate» of EYDE/ETAK and was implemented through a partnership of private and public partners active in cultural management and new technologies (Herakleidon Museum, Diadrasis, Computational Vision and Robotics Laboratory of ICS, Cultural Technology Lab of the University of Patras).

Specifically, it is a museum tour system that operates on mobile devices (cell phones and tablets) and uses Augmented Reality technologies, storytelling techniques, exhibit tracking services, and users' profile modeling. Combining all these technologies results in the creation of a digital platform with the most up-to-date and innovative museology standards, in order to succeed increase of visitor satisfaction and improvement of their experience, beyond conventional tour guides and traditional exhibits.

The narration is interactive, and in addition to AR technologies the app uses multimedia content. It will also be able to 'build' the profile of each user in order to provide a superior quality experience while being at he museum and ensure the level of his satisfaction. The main objective of the project is to link research and innovation with entrepreneurship and to enhance the competitiveness, productivity and extroversion of businesses to international markets. The project also aims to promote research activities and implement innovations in companies.

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