“Th-ink” the Movie: Ancient Graffiti, but is there such a thing?
February 17, 2023
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March 20, 2023

“Th-ink” the Movie: Think before you put your ink!


An audiovisual tip to raise awareness among young people!

"Think before you ink!" is an educational film-documentary, produced by the team of Diadrasis in the framework of the educational program TH-ink to shed light on the harmful effects of modern graffiti on our cultural heritage. Follow the conservationists and archaeologists of the Athens City Antiquities Ephorate as they share their personal experiences and daily efforts to preserve the integrity of ancient monuments. Watch first-hand the painstaking and costly process of removing graffiti from monuments and learn about the negative impact of anti-graffiti materials on the environment.

Explore the delicate balance between contemporary street art and the preservation of our cultural heritage on our youtube channel, here.

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