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November 7, 2022
DIGIstoryteller- The digital tour app
January 28, 2023

“Th-ink” – The digital tour App


Discover Athens' ancient past with our new app!

Step into the history of Athens' renowned archaeological sites with our educational app. Immerse yourself in the Ancient Agora, Kerameikos, and the Western Hills through a diverse range of multimedia elements. Discover impressive images, engaging animations, an informative audio guide, archaeological treasures, and immersive 3D reconstructions that bring the past to life. Unveil hidden secrets as you explore the monuments, follow the footsteps of ancient heroes, and join modern-day scientists on fascinating journeys of discovery.

View the app on your computer screen here or download our app and prepare for a journey to the centre of Athens.
The app is available free of charge for Android and iOS.

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