Xeste 3 – Building representation
September 29, 2021
New AR App at the Herakleidon Museum
April 14, 2022

3D modeling of the inhabitants of prehistoric Thera

The inhabitants from Akrotiri of Ancient Thera come to life through 3D modeling.

Under the frame of Muselearn we developed faithful representations of the inhabitants of Akrotiri of Thera created through a 3D modeling program based on ancient frescoes and textual references.

The creation process involved a step-by-step approach, beginning with the development of a model and its skeletal structure. Utilizing a fabric simulation program, we meticulously designed the attire, ensuring accurate colors and textures. Finally, through animation, we brought these figures to life, endowing them with the ability to move. Explore the captivating world of ancient times as you encounter guards, crocodiles, children, and young men of the era.

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