“Th-ink” – Graffiti as historical evidence and as deterioration of ancient monuments
October 10, 2022
“Th-ink” – The digital tour App
December 4, 2022

DIGIstoryteller- The documentation system

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Discover a world full of stories and visuals that are bound to delight you.

To support DIGIstoryteller, the development of a database was deemed necessary to effectively store the extensive and varied material collected for enhancing the digital applications. This database enables seamless interoperability between different systems and ensures smooth data migration to web and mobile devices. Simultaneously, it enhances usability for the team and aligns with the research objectives of the project.

The Documentation Database is hosted on the platform of heurist, which is specially designed for research data and humanities collections, and created by the Diadrasis team according to the international documentation standards.

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