Digital Journey to Spinalonga
July 19, 2023
July 11, 2023


Digital narrator: refugee Attica

Implementation period: 2022- 2023
Contracting authority: ""Research and Innovation Partnerships in the Region of Attica""
Tools: Augmented Reality, App, Multimedia, Internet

This program offers a digital tour exploring various corners of Attica, with a particular focus on locations tied to refugee movements. It covers historical events such as the influx of refugees in 1922, including the establishment of refugee neighborhoods and their impact on the city center. Additionally, it delves into more recent migratory flows, such as Romanians from Istanbul, Russian Ossetians, Cypriots in 1974, and migrations from Poland, Albania, and the Czech Republic during the 1990s. Lastly, it sheds light on the current migration issue, highlighting the experiences of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and other countries.

The aim is to demonstrate the multicultural character of Attica and to present interesting aspects of the creation and evolution of the city and its districts, while the emphasis will be on the emotional approach and the common experiences of migration and settlement.

The implementation of the programme has been undertaken jointly by Diadrasis, το UNIWA, το ΚΕΑΕ η Τime Heritage και η ICI ΚΟΙΝ.Σ.ΕΠ. under the Attica Operational Programme "RESEARCH AND INNOVATION PARTNERSHIPS IN THE REGION OF ATTICA"

Diadrasis primarily focuses on utilizing augmented reality environments to enhance the presentation of virtual content. This includes improving the visual recognition of large objects through mobile devices and integrating artificial intelligence technologies to personalize tour content according to user preferences. Additionally, Diadrasis aims to expand the range of multimedia presentation methods, ensuring maximum user engagement and interest.

More specifically, we created:

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