ARphymedes – The AR applications
May 18, 2023
InterΑrch – 3D: House of Arsinoe Fountain
July 26, 2023

InterArch – 3D: Messana Temple


3D representation of the Messana Temple in Ancient Messene!

The temple was dedicated to the deified Messene, the pre-Dorian queen who gave her name to the city. It was a Doric-style pavilion that housed the statue of the goddess. Stele with resolutions of various cities in honor of Messenian judges were found on the north side of the temple. On the south side of the Temple there are many piers with honorific inscriptions that once bore bronze statues of Roman emperors.

The video was created in the framework of the research project "InterArch: Touristic Promotion of Archaeological Sites. Physical and Digital Guided Tours" aiming at proposing a design of a site-based digital application, enhancing the cultural identity of archaeological sites.
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