InterArch – 3D: Asklepieion
July 26, 2023

InterArch – The digital tour app


Welcome to our new app "InterArch" - your portal to a futuristic tour experience!

Our application is a model digital tour system in Ancient Messina. It uses reality augmentation systems, activates all the senses through narrative processes and allows the user to develop various levels of interactivity with both the information and the physical environment, aiming at personalized use.

The technical features to achieve the above are:

1) Interactive map that offers information about the archaeological site with graded details depending on the user's zoom level. It provides three background options: an orthophoto map with processed information about the site, historical periods with color-coded monuments, and details of the natural environment and vegetation. It also includes explanatory symbols for active excavations, water sources, stopping points and scents.

2) Activation points which are activated as soon as they detect the presence of the user in their designated area. After they are activated, a soundscape is triggered, followed by a characteristic sound notification, informing the user that the location/monument tab is displayed. Within the location tab, the sound narratives for each monument are displayed while informing the user of the existence of 3D augmentation (AR).

3) Three AR functions
(a) 3D monument representation AR, which allows users to view 3D representations of monuments in the space.
(b) AR Surveillance, which allows specific information to be viewed at defined points in the site.
(c) AR Focus, which focuses on highlighting specific functions within narratives, such as translating inscriptions or displaying scanned 3D objects at specific locations.

4) Supernarration provides an autonomous audio narration option that presents segments of Messina's history. It offers a simplified content selection, making it effortless for users who prefer an easier approach or face challenges with modern technology, such as the visually impaired, to access the narratives conveniently, even outdoors.

Screenshot (a)
Screenshot (b)
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