InterΑrch – 3D: House of Arsinoe Fountain
July 26, 2023
InterArch – The digital tour app
July 31, 2023

InterArch – 3D: Asklepieion


3D representation of the Asklepieion in Ancient Messene!

The Asklepieion was the most prominent place in Messene and the centre of public life in the city, which functioned as a political agora. The construction of the Asklepieion is dated shortly after 215/214 BC. According to Pausanias, the Asklepius of Messene was not particularly famous for its therapeutic properties but for its political status. The Asklepieion is thus presented more as a museum filled with art, mostly statues, rather than as a regular temple for treating patients.

The video was created in the framework of the research project "InterArch: Touristic Promotion of Archaeological Sites. Physical and Digital Guided Tours" aiming at proposing a design of a site-based digital application, enhancing the cultural identity of archaeological sites.
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