July 12, 2023

"Digital Journey to Spinalonga"

Digital applications for the archaeological site of Spinalonga

Implementation period: 2022 - 2023
Contracting authority: Ministry of Culture /Ephorate of Antiquities of Lassithi
Tools: Augmented Reality, App, Multimedia, Internet

The "Digital Journey to Spinalonga" project was implemented in 2023 for the Ephorate of Antiquities of Lassithi and aims to showcase and promote the long and turbulent history of the island.

The "Digital Journey to Spinalonga" project aims to comprehensively promote the island of Spinalonga through digital means. This initiative involves the integration of various actions to digitally showcase the island's historical significance, including its archaeological monuments dating from prehistoric times to 1830, as well as its religious monuments from 1830 onwards. Additionally, the project will highlight the prominent figures, environment, and economic activities that have shaped Spinalonga's rich history, offering a holistic and detailed portrayal of the island's evolution over the centuries.

Through the integration of digital technologies like augmented reality, QR codes, and web portals, visitors will have the unique opportunity to delve into the island's history, explore its archaeological and religious sites, and engage with the culture and traditions of Spinalonga in an entirely novel and interactive manner. These innovative tools will enable a more immersive and engaging experience, allowing visitors to connect deeply with the island's heritage and enrich their overall understanding and enjoyment of Spinalonga's historical significance.

Within the framework of the "Digital Journey to Spinalonga" initiative, Diadrasis is responsible for executing the sub-project titled "Digital applications for the archaeological site of Spinalonga." This sub-project is part of the Operational Programme "Crete 2014-2020" by the Region of Crete and receives co-financing from the European Union (E.T.P.A.) and national resources through the PDE.


The website of the project is for everyone who wishes to learn the history of Spinalonga before visiting it or to organise their visit to it. The user is provided with all the necessary information about their access to the island, as well as material to facilitate their tour. With the help of articles about the history and the monuments of the island, along with a series of multimedia and interactive applications that showcase the material that resulted from the documentation and digitization works, the user is encouraged to learn about the island and its eventful history.
Everything is available in 5 languages (Greek, English, French, German, Russian).

Interactive Timeline

Through the Interactive Timeline application, the visitor is able to explore the history of the island in an intuitive way. The app offers a succinct and interactive presentation of the important events, allowing the user to quickly understand the evolution of the historical moments that shaped its path through time and its condition today.

Interactive Map

Through the Interactive Map application, the user can enjoy an innovative and interesting experience of exploration. The map of Spinalonga allows the specific viewing and placement of important monuments, helping the understanding of their geographical and historical significance. At the same time, it adds an interactive dimension to learning, making it more interesting and enjoyable.

Tour Guide App

A tour guide system for portable devices, that makes use of geolocation technology and infrared radiation emission beacons, allows the visitor to be guided experientally and discover a plethora of archival and multimedia material, which was created, digitized and documented during the project (images, video, narrations, documents, maps). At the same time, a system of projection for the Leper Colony era's rich archival material was developed using Augmented Reality technology.
The application is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store .

3D Reconstructions

A series of three dimensional reconstructions of emblematic buildings of the island that were restored with the aid of architects and archaeologists to their original state and are particularly interesting. These are buildings that showcase every historical period of the island, with their depiction being an important concern for the conservational needs of the cultural heritage of Spinalonga.

Educational App: Trivia Game

The digital journey is completed by a quiz that will confirm "How Well Do You Know Spinalonga".

Educational App: Treasure Hunt

"Mystery In Spinalonga", a treasure hunt game for our young visitors, that transports you to the island of the early 20th century, to discover it along with a young doctor who is called to solved a great mystery by combining clues and objects in a 3D environment.
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