July 12, 2023

"Digital Journey to Spinalonga"

Digital applications for the archaeological site of Spinalonga

Implementation period: 2022 - 2023
Contracting authority: Ministry of Culture /Ephorate of Antiquities of Lassithi
Tools: Augmented Reality, App, Multimedia, Internet

The "Digital Journey to Spinalonga" project aims to comprehensively promote the island of Spinalonga through digital means. This initiative involves the integration of various actions to digitally showcase the island's historical significance, including its archaeological monuments dating from prehistoric times to 1830, as well as its religious monuments from 1830 onwards. Additionally, the project will highlight the prominent figures, environment, and economic activities that have shaped Spinalonga's rich history, offering a holistic and detailed portrayal of the island's evolution over the centuries.

Through the integration of digital technologies like augmented reality, QR codes, and web portals, visitors will have the unique opportunity to delve into the island's history, explore its archaeological and religious sites, and engage with the culture and traditions of Spinalonga in an entirely novel and interactive manner. These innovative tools will enable a more immersive and engaging experience, allowing visitors to connect deeply with the island's heritage and enrich their overall understanding and enjoyment of Spinalonga's historical significance.

Within the framework of the "Digital Journey to Spinalonga" initiative, Diadrasis is responsible for executing the sub-project titled "Digital applications for the archaeological site of Spinalonga." This sub-project is part of the Operational Programme "Crete 2014-2020" by the Region of Crete and receives co-financing from the European Union (E.T.P.A.) and national resources through the PDE.

More specifically, our team has proceeded with the implementation of:

1. Online Documentation Platform (in progress)
Development of an online digital platform of cultural content and interest, regarding the history of Spinalonga and its interconnection with the local cultural and tourist product and services.
2. Interactive tour application (in progress)
The project involves creating a mobile application for guided tours of the island, accessible through mobile devices. Visitors will have three options to use the application:
 Utilizing the mobile phone provider's data connection.
 Utilizing the mobile phone network's data connection.
 Making use of a digital signage infrastructure installed in 25 selected points on the island.
3. Educational application - Treasure hunt game (in progress)
Implementation of an educational application - treasure hunt (app) for children where they will participate in a smart and creative way in the search for some objects on the island while learning in this way the history of the island.
4. Interactive timeline application (in progress)
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